Working at a Smoke Shop

October 19th 2015

This article written by a web-developer-turned-blogger-turned-smoke-shop-agent is one of the most interesting reads I've come across in a while.  The writer echoes my own personal experiences when I first started out at the Kustom Kulture retail shop.  

From doing the everyday tasks such as cleaning and moving one item from one place to another, to pricing products and making sure all items are facing out, these "menial" tasks are meant to help you familiarize yourself with the shop and the products as fast as possible.  Without doing those menial tasks, you would never get used to the locations of certain products as well as the pricing of popular items.

Like the writer mentioned, working in a smoke shop, all customers walking in immediately expects you to know about all the products, such as which body cleanse products work the best, to which 1 or 2 point scale works for certain needs and which papers would burn better.  It can seem pretty daunting at first having to learn all of these tips and tricks of the trade but I firmly believe it's what makes a good smoke shop advisor.

Along the way, you pick up ways of reading people and almost come to expect what they're coming into the shop to look for.  You can also pick up on people's dispositions much better after dealing with the public one on one which also helps in being a better smoke shop advisor.

Read on to find out what this writer has to say about their first month working in a smoke shop...