Scales weighing up to 0.01g in accuracy.

Baggies and Smelly Proofs are storage bags for your herbal materials.  Smelly Proofs take it a step further and also work to contain smells from escaping.

Safes and Stash containers are a clever and discreet way to store your goodies and valuables in plain sight...pringles anyone?

Body care includes lip balm, salves, soap....and other products for your body.

Footbags are "Hacky Sacks".

Incense like Nag Champa and a bunch of other smells.  Mostly hand rolled and chemical free. 

Incense burners are trays and storage containers for your incense sticks and cones.

Butane and Charcoal...hammer time!

Miscellaneous is a hodgepodge of bowl holders, calibration weights, humidifiers, clean wipes, joint wax and so forth.

Giftware are items suitable for gifts...all our products should be listed here!