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Scales help you weight your weed!  Available in stealth, durable, large and small.  Also need to calibrate?  We've got weights in here too.
Baggies And Smelly Proofs.  Dime bags!  Bags that lock in smell!  And humidity packs to keep your marijuana fresh!
Safes and Stash Containers are a convenient or a secret way to store your pot or other valuables.  Blunt and cigarette holders to keep joints and cigarettes from breaking in your pocket.  Secret stashes look like beer cans, pop-tins, paint cans and more; hide your items in plain sight.  Air tight Tightpacs, Drop Safe silicone, and much more in here too!


Incense in cones and sticks.  Great scents freshen the air for a great mood!


Incense Burners are used to hold your stick or cone incense.  They are usually made of soapstone or of wood.  There are also backflow incense burners which create a waterfall like effect of delicious incense smell.
Butane / Charcoal.  Butane is primarily used for refilling lighters, but can also be used with a glass extraction tube to create concentrate.  Charcoal is used for your hookah rigs.


Miscellaneous items include humidity packs, bowl covers for travelling with your hand pipe, catnip, clipper lighter covers, tasty buds for eating, and other general use items.
Giftware makes great gifts!  Obvious right?!  Catnip, Cat Toys and Cat Joints make an excellent gift for your favourite puss.  We didn't forget about your human friends though;  t-shirts, pot leaf ice trays, tasty buds snacks, and wake and bake pipe and coffee mug combos are really cool gifts.