Scales are available in various sizes and styles; these scale weigh with an accuracy of up to 0.001g.

Baggies are storage bags for your herbal materials.  Smelly Proof or Deadboldt bags take it a step further and also work to contain smells from escaping.  Medtainer is also a great smell proof storage and grinder combo.

Safes and Stash containers are clever and discreet storage containers for your herbal materials, goodies, valuables or really anything you wish to put in them.  Available in a variety of styles, even some that look like other common household products.  Pringles anyone?

Incense contains Nag Champa and varying other smells.  Mostly hand rolled and chemical free.  See each product for specific details.

Incense burners are trays and storage containers for your incense sticks and cones.

Butane and Charcoal are combustible materials for use in a lighter, torch or hookah.

Miscellaneous items include Boveda Humidity Packs for keeping your herb moist, Bowl covers for preventing spillage, as well as body care items such as Nirvana Herbal Apothecary.  Kratom and Marijuana looking treats are also available here!

Giftware are items that would make great simple gifts, such as catnip toys, rolling trays, footbags... even T-shirts and mugs.