Nectar Collector - Silicone/Titanium

9.5", Silicone/Titanium

  • $29.95 CAD

SKU: 34505

This drop safe silicone nectar collector is an all in one kit for concentrate. Fill the middle chamber with water for a gentler filtered smoke.

For concentrate usage simply attach and heat the titanium nail, gently touching it to the concentrate when ready to inhale, "drinking up" the vapour.


Dimensions WeightLengthWidthHeight
Metric 110.0 g24.0 cm5.0 cm5.0 cm
Imperial 0.2 oz9.4 in2.0 in2.0 in

Colour: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow | Material: Glass, Silicone, Titanium | Percolators / Diffusers: Circ Percolator | Price: $20 - $50 | Size: 9.5-10" | Type: Sherlock, Straight