Curvy Glass Bubbler - Nice Glass

14mm, 8", Glass, NG

  • $52.95 CAD

SKU: 34597

The curvy bubbler is a unique shaped bubbler featuring three tentacle like coloured glass tubes connecting each of the chambers together. The bowl of this piece connects through the first tube to the first chamber at the bottom of the flat base. From this bubbled chamber the airflow continues to the second flying saucer shaped chamber and finally up and out the flattened mouthpiece.

This approximately 8" clear and coloured glass bubbler includes a 14mm removable glass on glass bowl with colour matching handle.

Dimensions WeightLengthWidthHeight
Metric 340.0 g14.0 cm13.0 cm21.0 cm
Imperial 0.7 oz5.5 in5.1 in8.3 in

Brand: Nice | Colour: Black, Green | Material: Glass | Price: $50 - $100 | Size: 8", 14mm | Type: Bubble