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Silicone Beaker

14mm, 15", Silicone


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Colour Preference
  • Assorted
  • Black
  • Black/Blue/Yellow
  • Black/Green/White
  • Blue/Purple/Red
  • Green/Blue/White
  • Pink/Green/Black
  • Purple/Black
  • Rasta
  • Red
  • Red/Blue/White

A 15" beaker shaped silicone water pipe including a glass nail for smoking of concentrates. This water pipe features a detachable silicone storage container and metal poker at the base for a complete travel kit that is also almost completely drop safe. The silicone storage container is comprised of 1/2 large storage area and 1/4 medium area and two smaller areas for multiple strains of dabs all on the go.

Dimensions WeightLengthWidthHeight
Metric 660.0 g13.0 cm13.0 cm33.0 cm
Imperial 1.5 oz5.1 in5.1 in13.0 in

Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Opaque | Features: Ice Pinch, Multiple Colours Available | Material: Silicone | Price: $50 - $100 | Size: 15", 14mm | Type: Beaker