Smoking Accessories

Parts are all the pieces you'll need to replace a stem or a bowl, or build your own pipe.

Ashcatchers are bong attachments that help prevent the accumulation of resin in the bottom of your piece. It will "catch the ash" that would normally travel into the water of your pipe. Ashcatchers also provide an additional level of filtration so you can enjoy a cleaner, smoother smoke.

Concentrate Accessories are everything you need to store and use your concentrates. Silicone products for non-stick storage: Buddies, NoGoo, Vapetool and Oil Slick. Concentrate bubblers have a dome and nail or domeless nail or carb cap. The nail is heated with a torch to a very hot temperature. The concentrate is then dabbed onto the nail and inhaled through the bubblers mouthpiece.

Dugouts are containers for your dry herb that come with a bat to pack the herb into. 

Bats can be used on their own for puffing or teamed up with dugouts. They are generally cigarette shaped. 

Grinders are used to grind and store plant materials.  


Lighters and torches are for heating herbs and concentrates. Concentrates require a torch to heat the nail to a high enough temperature to melt the concentrate effectively.

Pipe bags and pouches store your glass and goodies to avoid breakage and to keep them out of sight.

Roach Clips help prevent stinky or burning fingers by clipping to the end of your cigarette or rollup. 

Screens are available in glass and metal...we suggest 'burning' the metal ones for a few seconds under a lighter before first use.

Tools are all the miscellaneous items to help you roll or smoke that are not easily classified.  This is where the rolling machines are!

Charcoal and Hookah Accessories are the replacement and consumable parts needed for your hookah enjoyment needs.