Medtainer XL

4", Grinder w/ Storage

  • $19.95 CAD

SKU: 34890

The Med+ainer XL is a medical grade plastic storage container with a built in grinder. It is air and water tight and virtually smell proof.

The grinder teeth of the Med+ainer XL are of a unique oblong design. This particular engineering gives you a medium to fine grind. Measuring in at 10cm high and 5 cm wide the Med+ainer will fit it your hand very comfortably making it the perfect on the go solution.

Dimensions WeightLengthWidthHeight
Metric 40.0 g10.0 cm5.0 cm5.0 cm
Imperial 0.1 oz3.9 in2.0 in2.0 in

Colour: Black, Gold, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Opaque, Translucent | Features: Multiple Colours Available | Pieces: 3 | Price: $10 - $20 | Size: 3.5-4"