Santa Cruz Hemp Shredder - 2 Piece

Hemp, 2-Piece

  • $12.95 CAD

SKU: 34972

Santa Cruz's brand new Hemp Shredders!

There is zero plastic in these hemp grinders. Santa Cruz uses all-natural hemp with a hemp-based binder, so you can feel good about throwing it in household garbage. The grinder itself is 100% biodegradable. On top of that, this hemp grinder is extremely durable!

After nearly a year of hard labor, the test models did not show any sign of slowing down. Designed to give you a consistent fluffy grind that Santa Cruz Shredder is known for.

New Color Hemp Shredders are made with natural dyes to keep these completely biodegradable.

Made in the U.S.A.

Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White | Features: Multiple Colours Available, Portable | Pieces: 2 | Price: $10 - $20