Blunt Bubbler

2.5", Glass

  • $14.95 CAD

SKU: 34556

This 2.5" clear or coloured glass blunt bubbler is a small water pipe designed to provide a water filtration system for use in consuming joints and blunts. The blunt bubbler fits easily in your hand and additionally has a base to stand alone. Features a shotgun to control the amount of pull on the consumable and the amount of smoke inhaled.

Dimensions WeightLengthWidthHeight
Metric 50.0 g7.0 cm3.5 cm7.0 cm
Imperial 0.1 oz2.8 in1.4 in2.8 in

Brand: Infyniti | Colour: Amber, Blue, Cobalt, Green, Translucent | Features: Multiple Colours Available | Material: Glass | Price: $10 - $20 | Size: 2.5" | Type: Stands Upright