Magnetic J Pipe

4", Metal

  • $19.95 CAD

SKU: 34762

A 4" sleekly shaped shiny metal hand pipe. This hand pipe features a strong magnetic lid so you can pack your bowl and enjoy the journey without worrying of spillage. The magnetic lid swivels to the side or completely comes off once you are ready for your smoke. Equipped with technology that makes for seamless storage and transportation.

- Shatterproof
- Screenless
- Magnetic

Dimensions WeightLengthWidthHeight
Metric 80.0 g3.0 cm2.0 cm10.0 cm
Imperial 0.2 oz1.2 in0.8 in3.9 in

Colour: Black, Gold, Silver, Opaque | Features: Multiple Colours Available | Material: Metal | Price: $20 - $50 | Size: 3.5-4" | Type: Straight