Monkey Pipe

2", Wood, Multiple Colours

  • $24.95 CAD

SKU: 10784

The Original Monkey Pipe is one sturdy design! This wood and metal piece of art is approx 2". The top/lid swivels to reveal the bowl. Perfect for pockets. Pipe unscrews for easy cleaning. For over two decades, Monkey Pipe has been a source of quality and excellence for hundres of thousands of happy customers. Handcrafted from the choicest hardwoods available and custom hand finished, Monkey pipe is a must for any tobacco pipe enthusiast.


- Made in the USA

- Made with a variety of exotic and domestic hardwoods

- Stainless steel nuts and screws

- Stainless steel lining in the bottom of the pipe to prevent burning

- Two ventilation ports through the centre of the anodized aluminum to keep the unit cool

- Available in a variety of colours

- Can be used with or without a .625" screen

- Easy to clean

- Built to last

Colour: Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Purple, Red, Silver, Opaque | Features: Multiple Colours Available | Material: Wood | Price: $10 - $20 | Size: 2" | Type: Straight