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Pandon QUAD Wax Pen


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A compact handheld wax vaporizer pen you can carry anywhere. Assembled using the latest in vaporizer technology, the Pandon is a must have for new and experienced Vapor Connoisseurs.

The Pandon features a unique QUAD coil technology by using two QDC (Quartz Dual Coil) Coils. The quad coil design makes it a solid pen that gives dab like hits while producing huge clouds of vapor. You can choose to use two coil heads for big hits with big clouds; or just use a single coil for a longer and more discreet vaping experience.

Quartz coils provide the purest experience and guarantee a crystal clean and smooth essence.

*The Pandon Quad Wax Pen features pass through charging, allowing the device to be used while plugged in.*



Size: 122mm length x 27mm width x 15mm depth

Brand: Yocan | Colour: Black, Blue, Red, Silver | Price: $50 - $100 | Size: 4.5-5"