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Magneto Wax Pen


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A compact handheld wax vaporizer pen you can carry anywhere, Yocan introduces a modern vaporizer design with magnetic connections for easy loading. The Magneto features a magnetic coil cap with built-in dab tool, built-in silicone jar, magnetic mouthpiece and a revolutionary ceramic Miracle coil for incredible hits with a smooth, clean taste.

Box Contains:
1 Magneto Atomizer
1 Magneto Battery
1 USB Cable
1 Instruction Card

Dab Tool Built Into Coil Cap
Dab Jar Built Into Battery Base
Magnetic Caps For Easy Loading
Revolutionary Ceramic Miracle Coil

Battery Capacity: 1100mah
Atomizer Resistance: 0.6ohm

112.6mm x 19mm
2mL non stick silicone jar

Brand: Yocan | Colour: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Silver | Price: $50 - $100 | Size: 4.5-5"