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The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer is a unique wax concentrate vape pen. Like most vaporizers that promise power in the palm of your hand, the Yocan Loaded Vaporizer assures you of unparalleled performance thanks to its built-in 1400mAh battery, vaporizing any kind of concentrates. The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer has easy to replace coils; simply open the hinge and pop the coil out, all magnetic, without any un-screwing.

Apart from its advanced coil system, the Yocan Loaded boasts two coils out of the box. These premium coils are made for perfectly balancing flavor and power amongst wax concentrates and is an effective tool in enhancing the potential of your select materials.

Stands at approximately 5" tall and has a 22mm diameter.



Dimensions WeightLengthWidthHeight
Metric 140.0 g7.0 cm5.0 cm15.0 cm
Imperial 0.3 oz2.8 in2.0 in5.9 in

Brand: Yocan | Colour: Black, Blue, Red, White | Features: Multiple Colours Available | Price: $50 - $100 | Size: 4.5-5"