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Armor - Yocan

Concentrate, Vaporizer

$39.99 CAD

SKU 35143

The Yocan Armor.

The Yocan Armor is a very stylish and sleek, straightforward concentrate vaporizer. It is really great for a dsicreet and comforatable on-the-go vaporization.

Popular QDC Coil

The Armor is equipped with the popular QDC coil. This provides you with the purest experience and also guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence.

Functional Coil Cap

The Armor has a functional coil cap which is designed to keep your thick oil from leaking and prevent your mouthpiece from getting hot.

10-Sec Preheat Function

It is equipped with a 10 second preheat function which is best for preparing your materials before use. Rapidly click the power button 2 times and this will put the device in preheat mode. It will last for 10 seconds. To deactivate, simply press the button 2 times again.

Features 3 Voltage Levels

Featuring functional adjustable voltage options, with three power levels at low voltage. Ensuring the best vaping experience based on your needs. To adjust the voltage level after switch on the device, press the power button 3 times rapidly.

Fully Charged in 30 Minutes

It is powered by a 380mAh battery and can be fully charged in only 30 minutes. Providing you long vaping sessions, spend less time charging and more time vaping. 

USB Charging

The convenient buil-in USB charging allows you to charge it anywhere with your power cord, always ready to use on the go.

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